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The City of Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is a city in south-central York Region, Ontario that's seen significant population growth since the 1990s.
The area was first settled by Europeans around 1793 when Loyalist residents from New Brunswick moved there to start new lives after being displaced during The War Of 1812 . It soon became an important trading post for settlers who wanted access onto Lake Simcoe 

Today the City of Richmond Hill is home to over 200,000 people. The mission statement for the city council and staff are committed provide exceptional public service in the community that they love!

Things to Do

York Symphony Orchestra

The York symphony orchestra is a world-renowned organization that has been performing for over 100 years. They are known to be one of the best orchestras in all genres with their classical and modern works alike, making it easy for them not only get jobs but also performances from other musicians across different countries around Europe!

Richmond Hill Heritage Centre

The Richmond Hill Heritage Centre is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the heritage and culture of this beautiful town. They've put together an impressive collection that can be enjoyed by all!

Robert Holland Interpretive Centre

The Robert Holland Interpretive Centre in Richmond Hill is a great place to go for an educational, interactive experience. You can learn about the history of our city while getting some fresh air and spending time outdoors!

Richmond Hill Golf club

What a perfect day to get some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors! The Richmond Hill Golf Club is one such place. This 18 hole course has been beautifully renovated, with an elegant clubhouse that sits on three acres of land in front or lush trees - it couldn't be more picturesque if you were standing right next to me as I describing this scene for your reading pleasure...

Richmond Hill neighbourhoods

Oak Ridges - Wilcox Lake

Oak Ridges is an unincorporated community in Ontario, Canada. It forms the northern portion of Richmond Hill's boundary where it borders Aurora and has 38140 inhabitants spread across 20 km2

Lake Wilcox is the largest kettle lake on Oak Ridges Moraine and it's also home to a variety of wildlife. 

It is ilocated in the Oak Ridges community at its headwaters. It's a great place for our residents and visitors to enjoy both nature, wildlife, fish - as well as many opportunities for fun activities!

Search for houses for sale in Oak Ridges


When you're looking for a place to call home, it makes sense that finding the right neighbourhood is key. The Jefferson area offers all types of household lifestyles but families are its largest group with children - especially young ones!

Home ownership in Jefferson is high, with a split of 95% owners to 5% renters among those living in the area. 

Elgin Mills

Elgin Mills is a Richmond hill neighbourhood that was originally designed as an upmarket place for those who could afford to live there. The area's location offers residents access to amenities such as schools, shops and restaurants in the neighboring towns while being tucked away from much of its urban surroundings.


The Crosby neighbourhood in Richmond Hill has many great qualities. For one, it's located at the base of beautifulorsetain hills and is surrounded by nature that you can enjoy from your front door or backyard patio!

In 1791 John Begbie built his home on the east side of Richmond Hill. The neighbourhood now called Crosby was originally just a few smaller lots that were bought up by settlers looking to build their first house, and it wasn't until after 1812 when he officially made this area available for purchase at $50 per acre (in comparison).


Spend time in the bustling village of Langstaff as it becomes more than just a gathering place for people. You can find shopping malls, restaurants and many different types stores that will cater to your needs- all within this one community! It's also convenient proximity with nearby public transportation makes traveling easier while still giving you access anywhere else on the map if need be.

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